Olde Town Roofing is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ Certified Roofing Contractor.

Olde Town Roofing is a certified SELECT ShingleMaster from CertainTeed and can install designer shingles with extended warranty coverage. CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System ensures a comprehensive roof for your property. As a certified SELECT ShingleMaster™, Olde Town Roofing is able to install quality products by abiding to the program’s code of ethics and installation guidelines.


CertainTeed offers range of building exterior and interior products for residential and commercial projects.

  • Landmark: Landmark shingles are available in a variety of colors and have algae resistance for streak-free roofs. They have Class A fire resistance and solar reflective capabilities that are favorable for all roofs.
  • NorthGate: NorthGate designer shingles have Class 4 impact resistance that protects the roof from hail and wind damage. The shingles resist cracking even in extreme cold temperatures. Homeowners can get additional discounts on their home insurance for installing the NorthGate shingles.
  • Flintlastic: The Flintlastic roofs are suitable for flat roof areas on your property such as garages, carport, canopies, porches, and so on. You can match the color of your roof shingles with the flat roofs for a uniform look. All commercial roofs can be installed with Flintlastic series for building protection.

Call Olde Town Roofing at (309) 738-5550 for the combinations available in your area.

Integrity Roof System

CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System comprises of compatible underlayment, starter shingles, roof shingles, hip and ridge caps, and roof ventilation. The NailTrak system guides the nailing for faster installation.

The filtered rolled ridge vent and intake vent from CertainTeed facilitate airflow and ventilation in the attic. The shingles are having extra coatings to resist algae growth with StreakFighter protection. The WinterGuard waterproofing underlayment helps prevent ice dams during winter.


CertainTeed warranty informationAll CertainTeed shingles installed with Integrity Roof System and by a certified ShingleMaster such as Olde Town Roofing have enhanced protection. The SureStart PLUS 4-STAR coverage is a non-prorated coverage for materials, labor, tear-off, and disposal up to fifty years.

Certain installations are applicable for high-wind warranties up to 130 mph. Flintlastic flat roofs are also eligible for a warranty when installed as per the requirements. CertainTeed’s warranties are fully transferable in case of a change in ownership.


Here are some online tools available from CertainTeed to visualize your product:

  • ColorView: Select a home design exterior options and digitally experience the actual home. The tool has an option to enter your zip code and contact details so certified contractors can contact you.
  • ColorCoach: Understand the basics of color matching and color combinations for exteriors such as roofing, siding, trim, stone, garage, and so on.
  • Trim-it: Select different trim options and view how they enhance the exterior appeal.
  • Blend-it: Select different shades of Cedar on a model house and look how it appears.


CertainTeed has ongoing promotions for those who serve the U.S. Military.

Special discounts exist for recycling the old shingles and so on.

IKO Shield Pro Plus™

Olde Town Roofing is a IKO Shield Pro Plus™ Roofing Contractor in Quad Cities.

IKO Dynasty™ with ArmourZone

IKO DynastyIKO Dynasty™ with ArmourZone battles the elements and protects your roof against inclement weather. IKO Dynasty™ shingles are engineered to be the most wind-resistant for winds up to 130 mph. Here is a local picture where Olde Town Roofing installed IKO Dynasty™ Appalachian shingles.

Roofing System: Multi-layered roofing components

Roofing SystemIKO PRO 4 Roofing System is designed to protect your home with its multi-layered roofing system. The four layers are:

  1. Eave Protection
  2. Underlayment
  3. Starter Strips
  4. Ridge Cap Shingles

Roof Types: Select the roof that suits your needs

Roof TypesIKO offers a range of roof types including Dynasty™, ArmourShake, Royal Estate, Cambridge, among other architectural shingles. Design your roof type in the IKO’s interactive shingle selector tool ROOFViewer™. Here are some roofs which Olde Town Roofing built locally.

Color Blends: Choose your favorite colors

Cambridge Color BlendsIKO shingles are available in different color blends. The Cambridge Architectural shingles create a high-end designer look for your home at an affordable cost. A huge array of colors are available to suit your needs whether rustic, urban, traditional or modern. Check with Olde Town Roofing if the color is available in your area. Here is a sample of Cambridge Color Blends.


WarrantyAsphalt Shingle Warranties were depreciating with time 30 years ago. Today’s Asphalt warranties from most companies cover 100% up to 10 years and depreciating up to 50 years. However, IKO Warranties offer 100% coverage for the first 15 years and you can extend the warranty to another five years for $600 more. The warranty will cover 100% labor, material, permit, underlayment, and all accessories. Ask Olde Town Roofing for the special IKO Warranty options.

Carlisle Roofing Systems

Olde Town Roofing is a certified installer of Carlisle Roofing Systems.

Carlisle Roofing Systems

Carlisle Construction Materials is the only roofing manufacturer to produce all three major roofing membranes – EPDM, TPO, and PVC – and is the world’s largest manufacturer of EPDM, TPO, and polyiso insulation.

Carlisle’s more than 55 years of manufacturing experience are reflected in its innovative, durable products, all of which are designed to enhance roof system performance. Today, billions of square feet of warranted Carlisle roof systems protect buildings worldwide.

Carlisle Roofing Systems partners with certified quality contractors such as Olde Town Roofing to install their quality material. Call Sean at 309-738-5550 for your next roofing project to install Carlisle Roofing Systems.

Check out this YouTube video:


Carlisle ProductsCarlisle’s insulation products, including lightweight, cost-effective polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) insulation, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, provide energy-efficient solutions for buildings in any region and climate, as well as outstanding return on investment. Carlisle features an array of options, including standard-density, high-density, and non-halogenated Polyiso.

Call Olde Town Roofing at (309) 738-5550 for the custom combinations for your project.


WarrantyCarlisle SynTec warranties provide industry-leading protection, covering the repair of leaks from a variety of causes. With a Carlisle warranty, you can feel confident that your building has long-term protection.

Call Olde Town Roofing at (309) 738-5550 for the manufacturer warranty and additional guarantee offered.


Convenience, value, and performance:three critical considerations when it comes to the success of any re-roofing project.

Fully Adhered
Get the highest stability and uplift protection with a fully adhered system, plus a complete line of adhesives suitable for high wind areas.

Mechanically Attached
A popular economical system in commercial roofing, mechanically-attached assemblies are perfect for areas with moderate winds.

A revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully-adhered system without the use of adhesives.

Induction Welded
A high-performing mechanically fastened system, this method secures membrane to plates with the help of a portable induction welding tool.

Vent Secured
Using V2T vents, the vent secured system creates a suction effect that strengthens the entire roof and holds the membrane securely in place.

This system’s fast, easy installation makes it a popular option for the large, open rooftops found on retail stores, warehouses and other buildings.

Below is an overview of green roofing possible by Carlisle and Olde Town Roofing installations.  Call Olde Town Roofing at (309) 738-5550 for a detailed plan of your next roofing project.


Carlisle Roofing System is beneficial for both customers and contractors. Quality and cost-effective roofing is possible with Carlisle Roofing Systems products and Olde Town Roofing installations.

When conducting a re-roofing project on an occupied building there are many considerations to ensure minimal disruption and maximum convenience; fumes and odors, noise level, project timeline, aesthetics, and the ability to maintain normal operations; to name a few. Carlisle offers a wide range of products and systems designed with these considerations in mind. 

From installed cost to energy efficiency, maintenance cost, and overall environmental impact, the value of a re-roofing system from Carlisle takes many factors into consideration. As the leading manufacturer of low-slope roofing products and with more system options than any competitor, Carlisle can outline how different solutions can provide the value that is most important to any customer.

With warranty options from 10-30 years, 55 to 120 mph, and options to include hail and accidental puncture coverage, Carlisle can design a re-roofing system that provides the resistance to the elements required to keep your roofing system performing for decades. A building’s roofing system plays a major role in the energy efficiency and resiliency of that building. Carlisle has designed numerous re-roofing solutions to maximize performance in any environmental conditions.  

Call Olde Town Roofing at (309) 738-5550 for more information about Carlisle Roofing Systems  advantages for your property.

Roof Replacement

Here are the conditions in which you may need to replace your roof. If your roof has any of these warning signs, call Olde Town Roofing for a roofing inspection.

  • Curled shingles: Shingles curled up at the edges or cupped at the shingle tabs
  • Bare spots: Roof with places where the granules are missing on shingles leads to less efficient roofs
  • Aging and worn down look: Roof is fading and starting to look worn down resulting in reduced performance
  • Cracked shingles: Shingles of roof are cracking up due to aging and not holding up against weather
  • Streaked roofs: Roof has dark streaks indicating that mold or algae is growing underneath your roof, which ultimately makes its way into your home and causes harm to your family
  • Moss growth: Shingles have moss growth on top, holding up additional moisture against the shingles and causing long-term damage

Roof Inspection

Olde Town Roofing will do a full inspection and let you know if you need to replace your roof or not. We will also recommend the best type of roof to get, based on your structure and its environment.

With the complexity of some roofs, these days it can be hard to complete an accurate inspection. That’s why Olde Town Roofing started doing drone roof inspections if required. This way we can get the best view and get the most accurate diagnosis of your roof. Please note that drones cannot be used in heavily wooded areas.

If our inspection reveals that the current roof deck can be saved by saving the current system, Olde Town Roofing will recommend using a Conklin-based Cool Roofing solution for your roof. This is an Energy Star-rated elastomer roofing system that uses the current roof and applies a new full-warranty, energy-saving white roofing coating. This will provide a warranty with the same lifespan as replacing the current roof deck but will save thousands of dollars over a full replacement.

If a full replacement is necessary, Olde Town Roofing will use the best new products available from manufacturers such as Mule-Hide, Firestone, and IKO. We will install your new roof the right way at a price lower than the competition! Our installers have over 20 years of experience installing the best new roof for your home or business!

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