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IKO Crowne Slate Shingles: Premium Designer Shingles with Impact Resistance

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

IKO Crowne Slate Shingles are one of  the premium designer shingles from IKO. They are chosen for the natural slate look and  affordable cost. IKO Crowne Slate shingles are high impact resistant and are suitable for properties in extreme weathers. IKO Crowne Slate have a natural stone slate look and are preferred by most exclusive homeowners. The shingles are easier to install and maintain and last for years.

IKO Crowne Slate shingles have strong mats and are coated with modified bitumen. Therefore, the IKO Crowne Slate shingles have been tested for Class 4 impact resistance rating.  The other shingles that are impact resistant in the IKO shingles are the Armourshake (Premium Designer) and the Cambridge (Architectural). A Class 4 impact resistance rating implies that if a two-inch steel ball  is dropped from a height of 20 feet on the IKO Crowne Slate shingles, the shingles resist the impact without damage. Similarly, if ice balls are fired at high-velocity towards the IKO Crowne Slate shingles, they do not break or crack. Ask the home  insurance provider in your area if you can get the reduction on your premium due to the shingles having the Class 4 impact resistance rating. The  IKO Crowne Slate shingles can withstand heavy snow and ice accumulating on the roofs. In addition, in areas where  hailstorms are common, IKO Crowne Slate shingles are the best suited.

IKO Crowne Slate shingles are available in colors that match your local quarry stone. For example, the Royal Granite and Regal Stone are the most popular models. Ask your IKO certified roofing contractor about the colors available in your area.  IKO Crowne Slate shingles size is 39 1/2 inches by 12 1/4 inches. They have exposure of 10 inches and coverage per package is 25 square feet. The quantity per pallet is 60 and the roofs with IKO Crowne Slate shingles need just 40 shingles per square! IKO Crowne Slate shingles come with a Limited Lifetime warranty and can be upgraded to Limited Wind warranty or Ironclad Protection.

IKO Crowne Slate shingles meet local and international standards for wind resistance, impact resistance, algae resistance, tear resistance, granule loss, fire resistance, steep slope roofing, and so on.  IKO Crowne Slate shingles  work best when installed with IKO Pro4 roofing system. IKO is the most vertically integrated in the roofing business and it manufactures all the components required for the roofing. The components such as the synthetic underlayment, roof starters, ridge cap shingles, and eave protection are the different components in the IKO Pro4 roofing system. IKO Crowne Slate shingles will result in a robust roof if applied with the IKO Pro4 roofing system.

IKO Crowne Slate shingles are resistant to extreme heat and high winds. IKO Crowne Slate shingles are manufactured in facilities that meet local and international environmental rules and fall under green roofing projects.  IKO Crowne Slate shingles are required to be installed by a certified roofing contractor and according to the installation guidelines by IKO.

Select IKO Crowne Slate shingles if you want a natural stone slate look for your exclusive property at an affordable cost and minimum maintenance. Contact Olde Town Roofing who is  the only IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor within 60 miles of Quad Cities  at 309-738-5550 or 309-517-1676 for more information about the options available in your area.

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