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IKO Royal Estate Shingles: Real Slate look with Easier Installation

Monday, May 9th, 2016

IKO’s Royal Estate Shingles give your roof the beauty of real slate look without the hassles of installing slate roofs. The luxurious shingles are easy to install due to the light weight and instantly chosen by homeowners for its quality and beauty. The traditional difficulties of slate roofing such as heavy weight and the challenges with installation can be avoided by choosing the IKO Royal Estate shingles. At the same time, the Royal Estate shingles from IKO have unique look and distinct features to improve the real slate look of your roof.

IKO Royal Estate Shingles fall under the premium designer shingles from IKO. They combine the beautiful real slate look and the reliable quality of residential shingles. You can have a worry free and maintenance free roof with IKO Royal Estate shingles.  The IKO Royal Estate shingles are affordable and can be installed easily when compared to the slate tiles.

The IKO Royal Estate shingles are available in four unique color blends such as the Taupe Slate, Shadow Slate, Mountain Slate, and Harvest Slate. The color of the distinct shingles instantly improves the look of your roof and the house resulting in a magnificent curb appeal.  Visit the IKO’s RoofViewer tool to see how your roof would like with the IKO Royal Estate shingles. Ask your local IKO certified roofing contractor about the color blends available in your area.

The size of IKO Royal Estate shingles are 40 inch by 13 1/4 inch and their exposure is 5 5/8 inch. The coverage per package is 33.3 square feet and the quantity per pallet is 52 bundles. IKO Royal Estate shingles need per square feet just 64 shingles! They are available with Limited Lifetime warranty and can be upgraded based on your requirements. The shingles have a Class A Fire resistance rating and meet the local and international standards. IKO Royal Estate shingles also meet several ASTM standards for asphalt shingles, steep slope roofing, and high wind resistance. In addition, IKO Royal Estate Shingles meet Canadian standards for asphalt shingles. IKO Royal Estate shingles are manufactured with granule technology to block ultra violet radiation and thereby reducing the risk of cracking the shingles. Further, the algae resistant shingles prevent your roof from mold and streaking.

IKO Royal Estate shingles are installed with detailed application instructions by a certified roofing contractor from IKO. IKO premium designer shingles are installed with the IKO Pro4 roofing system which include the premium collection of accessories such as the eave protection, roof starters, ridge cap shingles, and synthetic under layment. The standard components from IKO ensure the overall quality and set up of the roofing system. All the components are manufactured by IKO itself and therefore are compliant with other components. The IKO Royal Estate Shingles are applied in multiple courses for proper application and to avoid patterning.

You can get the IKO Royal Estate Shingles and the real slate look for your roof as well. Call Olde Town Roofing,  Certified IKO Shield Pro Plus roofing contractor, for more details about IKO Royal Estate shingles in your area.


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