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IKO Armourshake Shingles : Premium Designer Shingles with a Luxurious Look of Wooden Shake Roof

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

IKO’s Armourshake shingles combine the natural look of wooden shake and impact resistance of premium designer shingles. Armourshake are made with deep cuts and elite color technology which offer the natural look without much maintenance costs. The shingles are heavyweight shingles which offer high wind resistance up to 110 miles per hour winds with Limited Wind Warranty. They can be upgraded to high wind warranty that covers winds up to 130 miles per hour.


Armourshake shingles are chosen by customers due to the high fire resistance. They have Class A fire resistance which is preferable by the homeowners. Armourshake have builtin algae resistance which reflects heat and extensive sunlight. As a result, your roof is protected from mold growth and dark spots over a long period of time. Armourshake shingles are less prone to fading, warping,  or breaking and last longer.

Armourshake is applied with the IKO’s Pro4 roofing system which extends the strength of the roof. Roofing components such as the ArmourGard Ice and Water Protector for eave protection are such examples. IKO provides detailed instructions about installing the roofing components and Armourshake shingles for good results. IKO specifies how the roof deck, eave protection, underlayment, chalk lines, flashings, and nailings must be prepared and installed. IKO gives special instructions for steep slopes and high wind areas. Armourshake shingles are applied in multiple courses for a better result.

IKO Armourshake is available in 37 3/8 inches long, 18 1/2 inches wide and has exposure of 5 1/2 inches. IKO Armourshake shingles have 20 square feet coverage per bundle. The shingles meet local and national standards for granule retention, tear strength, impact resistance, fire resistance, and wind resistance. They are available with Iron Clad protection for 15 years. Ask for special warranty from IKO. IKO shingles are manufactured from recycled materials whenever possible and can meet ‘green’ building categories. Roofing contractors prefer Armourshake shingles as they are easier to install.


Armourshake shingles are available in interesting color blends such as Greystone, Chalet Wood, Western Redwood, Weathered Stone, and Shadow Black. The shingles have a dimensional profile and deep cuts which are preferred by many customers due to the luxurious look.

Check your local associations for the permissions for installing the Armourshake shingles. Contact Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 for the colors and options available in your area.

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