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Roofing Underlayment – Why it is important

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Underlayment is an important component of the roofing system. Traditional asphalt felts are being replaced by synthetic underlayments. More roofing contractors are chosing synthetic underlayments for durability, walkability, and tear resistance. Underlayment protects the asphalt shingles and adds an extra layer for your protection between shingles and deck.

Underlayment is a critical component of the roofing system. It repels moisture from reaching the roof. Even if you chose a good shingle, if you do not chose the right underlayment, the roof is sure to fail.  Asphalt felt, fiberglass, and synthetic underlayment are different types.  Felt underlayments are prone to wear and tear due to high temperatures and ultra violet rays. Whereas, synthetic underlayment are prone to wicking that is channeling moisture.


Here are the important characteristics to be considered for an underlayment:

  1. Wrinkle free
  2. Slip resistance
  3. Water proof
  4. Walkable in dry and wet weathers
  5. Heavy duty strength
  6. Accurate lay lines
  7. Tear resistance

All popular roofing manufacturers have their own underlayment to match their shingles. For example, IKO Underlayment comes in two varieties – Stormtite and RoofGard Cool Grey. These models are synthetic and easy to apply even in colder temperatures. IKO underlayment are chosen for their strength and flexibility. The IKO underlayment models are resistant to cracks, peels or delaminations. They are also easy to install around vents, dormers, and other roof structures.

Ask Olde Town Roofing for the underlayment options and combinations available. Call 3097385550 for more information.


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