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Choosing the Roofing Shingle Colors

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Choosing shingles for your roof is a significant decision for a homeowner. Roofing manufacturers come up with different shingle colors and the homeowners are having a lot of choices. It is crucial to remember that the trim color, siding,  and stone color must coordinate with the shingle color so your home can have an overall good appeal. Most of the manufacturers have an online catalog or smartphone applications where you can choose the colors and see how your house will look like with the options you choose.

Roofing contractors also face a challenge in deciding the roofing shingles colors. The following aspects must be considered before choosing the color of the shingles:

  1. Most realtors and homeowners say that shingle color is the key factor in buying a house.
  2. The type of shingle whether architectural, traditional, designer, specialty shingles is also crucial.
  3. The weather resistance including wind resistance, algae resistance, moisture resistance, and high-temperature resistance is also an important consideration in choosing the shingles apart from the color.
  4. The shingles must also meet the local and national standards.
  5. Shingle color affect the temperature of your home, lighter colors reflect most heat while darker colors attract more heat.
  6. Shingle color also depends on the color of the paint of your home.

Grays and blacks are the popular choices for houses that are painted white, blue, red, or yellow. Brown color homes look good with brown shingles. You can choose from neutral colors or trendy colors depending on the statement you want to make and whether you want to make your home appear big or small. You can improve the architectural look of your home with the shingle colors.

Major manufacturers have their own tools to help homeowners decide their shingle colors. For example, IKO has the RoofViewer tool, where you can upload the picture of your home and select the shingle color, trim color, and stone color to see how your home will look. The tool also has standard home types to test the colors.

However, with all the choices available, homeowners must also check with the local homeowners association before finalizing the shingle colors. Some associations have restrictions on the color, type, or manufacturer of the roofing shingles. Contact Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 for the color catalogs available in your area.

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