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Quad Cities Weather – How Weird it can Get

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Just when we thought that the spring is popping up, the Quad Cities have seen snow fall today!! We have had a mild winter than the previous years but just as the construction cones are showing up around the Quad Cities, we have snow fall!

Quad cities have witnessed extreme weathers and near missed tornadoes causing damage to properties. We have survived the polar vortex, the deep freeze, and ice jams. Every year, river drives on both Iowa and Illinois have flooded and we see many cars just stuck on road floods. We have had wind chill advisories and warnings. This winter we did not have as  many snow days when compared to the previous years.

The average temperatures in the Quad cities switch from 22 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 80 degree Fahrenheit in the summer. Every year we see 31.5 inches of snow at an average. Midwest is known for its extreme weathers and we are known for wearing jackets almost year round. At the same time, people here are resilient, and get to work no matter what.

The weird weather has effected the construction and roofing industry by putting the employees at risk. The roofing material is manufactured to withstand extreme weathers, but installing them during strange weathers requires a lot of skill. During the extreme weather, the installation crew takes breaks and caution to not to cause injury and at the same time, not to destroy the material used.

The weather in the Quad Cities has even made people to migrate to warmer states but because of the booming construction industry many people are moving in. Quad City residents are used to the extreme weathers but if they are not prepared, the result can be shocking. Year round events such as the Festival of Trees in winter or the annual John Deere Classic events make Quad Cities an interesting place to hang on.

In order to mitigate the risks of working in extreme weathers, Olde Town Roofing has Certificate of Liability Insurance which includes Workers Compensation and Employer’s liability insurance upto $500,000. This means that if there is an accident and a person is injured working on a project, Olde Town Roofing takes care of that.

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