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Benefits of Recycling Shingles in Roofing Business

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Every time your roof is replaced, the old shingles are either dumped or recycled. Customers always like if their old shingles are recycled helping the environment. Recycling shingles saves money and helps in acquiring the LEED certification. Most roofs weigh 3 to 4 tons and when they are recycled it helps the local towns.

Here are some advantages of recycling shingles.


  • Cheaper than dumping and in some cases it is free
  • Saves landfill space
  • Asphalt can be used in roads reducing the costs for local communities
  • Easy to separate the nails from the shingles at the recycling center
  • Nails are separated using the magnets at the shingle grinder and nails can be recycled as well
  • Shingles, felt, nails, flashing, and so on can be recycled
  • Helps in acquiring LEED certification and meeting green building requirements
  • If a contractor recycles more than 50 per cent of the shingles, a project can acquire points which helps in reaching sustainable building standards
  • Recycled shingles are used in pavements, roofing maintenance products, or road maintenance
  • Recycling shingles help the homeowners to contribute to environment protection

Olde Town Roofing recycles its shingles at the Waste Commission of Scott County. They are active in social responsibility, taking care of the environment, and helping the local communities. Olde Town Roofing saves customers money by using own dump trailer instead of using roll off dumpsters! Call your local recycler for the options available.



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