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Life Cycle of a Roof

Monday, January 9th, 2017

The life of a roof with asphalt shingles is typically fifteen to twenty years, but a roof’s life largely depends on its maintenance. The aging of a roof is slow in the mid-life but is rapid in the initial and final years. For a roof, periodic maintenance is the key performance factor.


  1. A roof life cycle comprises of installation, maintenance, restoration, and replacement. A roof must be installed by professionals and according to the manufacturer, local, and national codes.
  2. After installation, a roof requires bi-annual maintenance for its performance. All roofs must be checked by a roofing contractor to record its status. Minor repairs such as nail pops and sealing can be performed during the maintenance period.
  3. Restoring a roof involves performing major repairs and replacing other components such as flashings and damaged shingles. Any roof leaks need to be fixed and molded or rotten parts also need to be replaced at this stage.
  4. Finally, a roof need to be replaced once it has reached the deterioration phase and it cannot further support the structure anymore. Replacing a roof is crucial as it involves checking all the other components such as the roof deck and gutters and replacing them as well.

When a new roof is installed, the shingles age rapidly and undergo an initial curing period. After settling down, they age slowly in the mid-life. In the final stages, the aging is rapid again leading to ultimate decline.

Maintenance During Roof Life Cycle

Roofs are exposed to extreme temperatures in winter and summer. During storm season, they are prone to high winds and tree falls. Roofs are undergoing severe temperature changes throughout the year. Property owners may notice minor curling in the initial years. There may be missing shingles due to winds and storms. Curling due to the shrinking of shingles, cracking through the reinforcement due to extreme heat, blisters due to hail or rocks, and staining due to moss growth are common problems of roofs.

A roof can live its life only if it is maintained professionally during its life cycle. Spring maintenance helps in checking any damage done during the frigid winters and fall maintenance will help prepare the roof for winter. If there are frequent storms in your area, you must prepare your roof for that as well.

Some manufacturers require proven records of roof maintenance to process any insurance claims. Planned roof maintenance helps a roof during its life cycle and the overall cost of the roof is also reduced. The costs of sudden damages and loss can be avoided with periodic maintenance of a roof. The investment on your roof can be optimized with proper care. Check for any roofing maintenance programs that are tax deductible. Call roofing professionals of Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for scheduling an appointment today.

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