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Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Is your roof ready for the winter?? Preparing the roof for the winter is critical for residential and commercial property owners. Cleaning the gutters, checking for any leaks, wet insulation, missing shingles, and so on are crucial for the stability of your roof during the freezing winters. Here are some tips to help prepare your roof for the winter.


Roofs in winter are more susceptible to damage. The contraction of shingles, the piling snow, accumulating ice dams, leaking flashings, covered vents, jammed gutters, and so on are all problems for the roof. You can perform simple checks and identify any issues with your roof.

  • Check the roof turbines or vents for air circulation
  • Clean the gutters, gutter spouts, and remove any leaves stuck there. The water is likely to overflow the gutter and damage the flashings, trim, and siding
  • Check for roof leaks and water marks on ceiling or walls
  • Turn heating on in vacant homes to avoid frozen pipes
  • Check all vents in kitchen and bathrooms going outside and not in the roof
  • Check for damaged flashings, vents, chimneys, skylights, or gutters
  • Check the attic for any wet insulation, water leaks, or water drops
  • Clear leaves, acorns, pines, off the roof so they will not hold moisture and damage the roof. Contact professional sweeper
  • If you notice any large amount of shingle granules in the gutters and at the bottom of the spout, likely your shingles are damaged
  • Replace any loose or missing shingles immediately as they may pose a greater problem during winter
  • Rake your gutters and install a leaf guard to prevent any leaf accumulation
  • Check for any loose metalwork, excessive movements in the joints, or walk paths
  • Trim any large branches or trees that are covering your roof
  • Check the furnace for proper functioning
  • Check the roofing components such as the synthetic felt, water and ice shield protectors, eave protection for any repairs
  • Check any leaks around the house such as caulks around doors and windows
  • Turn off the exterior water faucets, disconnect all outside water faucets, and shut off the inside water valves connecting to the exterior ones
  • Check the insulation before attempting any repair
  • Hire a trusted roofing inspector to perform any necessary inspection or repair
  • Adopt a complete solution rather than a temporary fix for long term roof care

If you have any reverse ceiling fans that rotate anti-clockwise, it is better to turn them back to the clockwise direction. This is to ensure the proper flow of air and increase energy efficiency of the building.

Commercial roofs need extra care due to the large square footage and mostly they are flat roofs. They must be checked for any water accumulation and cleaned up. If your commercial roof is eligible for roof coating, you can clean up the roof and add any additional coating required. Hire a roofing inspector to check whether your commercial roof is able to withstand the extra weight the snow is going to bring. Old roofs are likely to collapse due to the extra weight of the snow.

Call the roofing experts at Olde Town Roofing at 309-738-5550 or 309-517-1676 for a roofing inspection and prevent any further damage to your roof in winter.

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