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CertainTeed Presidential Shake: Luxury Shake Shingles with Special Effects

Presidential Shake roofing shingles from CertainTeed mimic cedar shake and provide a rich look on a roof. The patented cut on the shingles let the property owner combine any two colors to install in single courses or double courses. Property owners can get a unique roof with the different color combinations along with the superior performance.

Presidential Shake Features

Presidential Shake

Source: CertainTeed

CertainTeed Presidential Shake shingles are manufactured to meet asphalt shingles standards in the USA and Canada. The shingles are rated for wind resistance, fire resistance, tear resistance, algae resistance, and wind-driven rain resistance. The sculptured tab on the shingles provides distinct style, depth, and dimension of wooden shake. They are also available in Triple Laminate (TL) and Algae Resistant (AR) models. Contact @OldeTownRoofing at 309-738-5550 for the Presidential Shake models available in your area.
Here are some features of Presidential Shake shingles.

Presidential Shake Colors

Presidential Shake shingles mimic wood shake and are available in Aged Bark, Autumn Blend, Charcoal Black, Chestnut, Classic Weathered Wood, Country Gray, Platinum, Shadow Gray, Weathered Wood, and Max Def Weathered Wood (Energy Star approved).

Presidential Shake Special Effects

Presidential Shake can be installed in alternating colors to give a one-of-a-kind look on your roof. You can select two colors and get them installed in single courses or double courses. This will result in a dramatic look with original design statement.

Presidential Shake Special Effects

Source: CertainTeed

Presidential Shake Warranty

Presidential Shake shingles are manufactured with top quality and are available with better warranties. Presidential Shake is qualified for SureStart warranties from CertainTeed. The shingles will be replaced if there are any manufacturing defects. The cost of tear down, installation, material, labor, and disposal are covered. CertainTeed warranties are transferable and nonprorated within the warranty period. Ask Olde Town Roofing for the warranties effective on your installation.

Presidential Shake Contractor

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is a certified SELECT Shingle Master to install the Presidential Shake shingles. They are the largest commercial and residential roofing contractor in the Mid West and can accomplish the Presidential Shake as per the manufacturer guidelines and local codes.

SELECT Shingle Master™

Olde Town Roofing are able to provide extended warranties and upgraded installations as a SELECT Shingle Master from @CertainTeed. Call Sean Vogler at 309-738-5550 for instant quotes and free estimates on Presidential Shake.
Contact their home improvement division, Olde Town Group, at 309-517-1676, for any related siding, deck, concrete, interior remodeling, and basement works. Their home inspection experts can measure the air-tightness of your building and suggest optimum solutions for an energy efficient building.

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CertainTeed Grand Manor: Roofing Shingles with Strength and Style

Grand Manor roofing shingles from CertainTeed are the heaviest shingles that provide a natural slate appearance. The asphalt shingles have randomly applied tabs and shadow lines to provide authentic depth and dimension of slate. Offering a five-layered protection on your roof, Grand Manor shingles provide a robust roofing system.

CertainTeed Grand Manor

Grand Manor

Source: CertainTeed

CertainTeed Grand Manor roofing shingles are selected for style and grace on a property. They are manufacured to meet the different standards of asphalt shingles in the USA and Canada. Grand Manor shingles aesthetic appeal is greater when applied on roofs with 9 inch per foot slope or greater. Grand Manor shingles have fiber glass mat based construction with algae resistance coatings and adhered with asphalt cement. The shingles are self-adhesive after application for tight bonding on the roof surface.
Here are some features of Grand Manor shingles.

Grand Manor Colors

Grand Manor Colors

Source: CertainTeed

Grand Manor shingles are available in rich dynamic colors. Black Pearl, Brownstone, Colonial Slate, Gatehouse Slate, Georgian Brick, Sherwood Forest, Stonegate Gray, Terra Cota, Tudor Brown, and Weathered Wood. Color coordinated Flintlastic models are available for the flat parts of the roof. Grand Manor colors can enhance the style and grace of a property and provide stunning curb appeal.

Grand Manor Warranty

CertainTeed warranties are the best in the asphalt shingle industry. When installed with compatible accessories, starter shingles, vents, hip and ridge shingles, and underlayment, Grand Manor results in high performance. The warranties of Grand Manor are extended if the Integrity Roof System is applied. All installations by a SELECT Shingle Master certified roofing company are eligible for extended warranties.
Grand Manor shingles have lifetime limited transferable warranty on the residential applications. Limited Warranty covers the cost of roof tear-off, metalwork, flashing, and disposal incurred during repair or replacement. SureStart warranties cover 100 percent and are non-prorated during the warranty period. @CertainTeed assures the customers of its quality products and covers the cost of any manufacturing defect within the warranty period.
For commercial applications, 50-year warranties are available. Grand Manor shingles have 15-year StreakFighter algae resistance warranty. 10-year SureStart protection is available for the Grand Manor shingles. They also have 15-year 110 mph high-wind resistance warranty which can be extended to 130 mph wind-resistance warranty with special installations.

Grand Manor Contractor

Quad Cities Roofing Experts
Olde Town Roofing is the leading contractor in the MidWest to install the Grand Manor shingles. As a certified SELECT Shingle Master, Olde Town Roofing are able to install CertainTeed products as per manufacturer guidelines and offer extended warranties to customers.
Contact their home improvement division – Olde Town Group for General Contractor services. Call 309-517-1676 for cost savings and special discounts.
Call the owner of Olde Town Group, Sean Vogler, at 309-738-5550 for more information about Grand Manor shingles and Integrity Roofing System.

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CertainTeed NorthGate: Designer Roofing Shingles with Impact Resistance

CertainTeed NorthGate shingles offer strength and beauty to a property. The durable and flexible SBS modifiers of the asphalt shingles result in improved tear resistance and nail pull resistance. NorthGate shingles are available in Max Def colors to provide a stunning look to your property.

CertainTeed NorthGate

CertainTeed Northgate

CertainTeed NorthGate shingles are manufactured with highest standards to withstand the harsh weather elements. The SBS modified asphalt shingles have enhanced tear resistance, impact resistance, and surface granule adhesion. NorthGate shingles are best suited for the MidWest weather as they are not damaged due to the continuous expansion and contraction.

CertainTeed NorthGate Features

NorthGate asphalt shingles have two piece laminated fiber glass based construction. They are modified with rubber like Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) to provide high resistance against weather based deterioration. The shingles pass tests for cold flexiblity and are preferred in the MidWest weather. The impact resistance properties of the NorthGate shingles are also effective for protection against hail damage.

CertainTeed NorthGate Colors

Northgate Shingles Colors

Source: CertainTeed

NorthGate shingles are available in Max Def colors that mimic the appearance of wood shake or slate. The compatible colors are also available in Flintlastic models for the flat portions of a roof. Accessories for the roof are also available to match the NorthGate shingle colors. Ask Olde Town Roofing for the colors available in your area. Here are the colors of NorthGate shingles.

CertainTeed NorthGate Warranty

SELECT Shingle Master™
NorthGate shingles have best warranties from CertainTeed if installed by a certified SELECT Shingle Master such as Olde Town Roofing.

CertainTeed NorthGate Certified Installer

Quad Cities Roofing Experts
Olde Town Roofing is a certified SELECT Shingle Master company and can complete your NorthGate shingle roof. They can set up robust roofing with the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System. Expert installers and quality products are the special aspects of hiring Olde Town Roofing. They can offer exclusive warranties and discounts. Olde Town Roofing can work with insurance companies if any claims are involved. They can guide to financing for a customer with approved credit.
Contact the owner of @OldeTownRoofing, Sean Vogler, at 309-738-5550 to schedule your next @CertainTeed NorthGate roof. They have completed some of the high-profile residential and commercial roofing in the region. They are licensed, bonded, and insured from multiple states and cities.
As a General Contractor, their home improvement division Olde Town Group, are also offering additional services such as siding, deck, concrete, remodeling, painting, and other related services. Call 563-723-9940 for free estimates and no obligation quotes.

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