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Benefits of Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing is a smart innovation that results in numerous benefits for the property owner as well as the environment. The investment instantly boosts a property value and reduces electricity bills. Several federal and state tax credits make the solar roofing a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial properties.


The utilization of fossil fuels for electricity has resulted in vast environment challenges and ozone layer depletion. Solar energy is a better alternative as there are zero side effects of installing and maintaining the solar panels. Sun’s natural heat and light can be converted into electricity by the photovoltaic nature of the solar cells. The sunlight is absolutely free and is an excellent source of renewable energy.

Tax Credits

Now is the best time to invest in solar roofing as the 30 percent federal tax benefit expires in 2023. Individual states have offered tax credits for installing solar roofing. In Illinois, there is no tax credit for solar roofing but the project is eligible for Home Improvement tax benefit. Iowa offers tax credit up to $20, 000 on a first come first serve basis and up to 5 million dollars per year. All installations must be complete and approved by the local utility company to apply for tax credits.

Other sales tax benefits, county solar energy system rebates, and so on may be applicable for solar roofing. Businesses can get additional tax benefits for installing solar. Google Project Sunroof can estimate the roof space available for solar, cost, tax benefits, and so on based on your address. The Power Purchase Agreements from the solar installers let you get the solar roofing at no cost.


The number of solar panels required on your roof can be customized according to the electricity consumption of your property. If you are installing solar shingles, you can customize the electricity generation by combining solar and non-solar shingles for a uniform appearance. Different tools are available that can give the approximate roof space that can be used for the solar roofing and the projected savings.

Solar installers recommend a on-grid Solar roofing where the electricity for the property is both from the solar panels and from the utility company. If you require more electricity you can get more from the utility company. If your solar installation is generating extra electricity, you can choose to give the electricity back to the grid. Some utility companies write you a check for the extra power you generate or turn back your meter. Check with your local energy provider for net metering options. The off-grid Solar roofing system may lead to no electricity in case of a system failure or extreme weather.



Electrician recommendations and local utility company policies must be reviewed before installing the solar roofs. The coordination of an electrician and solar installer is crucial for solar roofing. The regular asphalt/metal roofing shingles must be able to withstand the solar panels.

  1. A inverter is installed to convert the photovoltaic Direct Current generated by the solar roof to Alternating Current that can be used by the electrical appliances and lighting. The inverter must be installed as per the manufacturer recommendations. Connection to the electric grid needs to be done as per the utility company guidelines.
  2. Solar panels or solar shingles are installed which are self-cleaning. The equipment is tested for high wind, impact, hail, extreme heat, and extreme cold weathers. Solar roofing is beneficial in winters as the panels keep working even in the cold weather. Solar panel operation is quiet and they instantly increase the value of a property.


Several electric car owners have installed the solar roofs to benefit from the electricity generation. The huge number of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties can benefit by investing in solar to generate electricity. Solar panels can also be installed in a backyard or agricultural areas or any open area.

Installation of solar roofing is crucial and must be done as per the local codes and HOA rules if any. The plumbing vents, front skirts, clamps, and rail ends must be set up so they are not ruining the look of the roof. Several monitoring systems are available by the solar installers. You can combine the annual roofing maintenance with the solar maintenance for regular checking.

Call the experts at Olde Town Roofing at 309-738-5550. They can suggest an optimal solar roofing system for your property. The skilled electricians, solar installers, and roofers can set up a robust system for electricity bill savings.

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