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Roofing Tips for Storm Season

Have recent storms damaged your roofing? Are your shingles displaced or torn by the winds? Did hail storm dent your shingles? You are not alone. Shingles are made to last in extreme weathers but are prone to damage due to the storms. Here are some tips to protect your roofing before, during, and after storms.

  1. If you suspect a storm damaged your roof, call Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 immediately. A qualified inspector will assess the damage and suggest the modifications required
  2. Check your insurance papers and coverage whether it includes storm damage coverage and required paperwork.
  3. After a storm, it is suggested to check the gutters for any clogs and blocks. Clean the gutters periodically to keep them clean
  4. If possible check your roof and visually inspect the shingles. If you see any shingles curling or streaking call Olde Town Roofing
  5. It is suggested that trees near your house to be trimmed and maintained to avoid any tree falling on your roof and damaging it
  6. Keep your property debris free so that during the storm they do not damage your roof or house
  7. Heavy furniture such as patio set should be secured so that they do not damage your house or roof during a storm
  8. Install high quality shingles such as iKO shingles on the roof. Ask your contractor for impact resistant shingles
  9. Keep your roofing contractor contact handy so that you can call them immediately before the damage worsens
  10. As a Midwest resident, it is always suggested to keep a emergency kit ready in the garage
  11. Watch the weather reports in television or on the radio and take shelter if there is a warning

Storms are natural and cannot be avoided so it is better to be prepared. Call Olde Town Roofing today if your house was damaged by the recent storms.

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