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Roof Insurance Claims Processing: Insights from the Owner

Roof insurance claims processing is a daunting task for all the people involved. Here are some insights from the owner of Olde Town Roofing, Sean Vogler.

Meeting Customers:

I had a customer today, who two weeks ago was looking to get an estimate to replace his roof. I came in and went over my company information with him, and he liked what we had to offer, and was wanting a bid to replace his roof where he would pay the full price. I went out to inspect his roof and found severe hail damage all over his roof and gutters.

I then talked to him about this and told him about the damage and that hail and heavy winds had gone thru his neighborhood on Father’s Day a few weeks before. I then went over the pros and cons of filling an insurance loss for his roof.

At his request, I spent a couple of hours at his house, walking him thru the insurance process, calling the claim in to his insurance company for him, basically making the process as easy for him as possible.

I played phone tag with his adjuster for almost a week before we settled on coming and doing the roof inspection at 7:00 am on a Friday morning.

On Friday Morning, I showed up and met with the adjuster and spent about another 2.5 hours helping the adjuster with the ladder, reviewing the damages I saw on the roof, pointing out interior water damage on the entryway ceiling of the property, finding all the damage on the roof, gutters, and garage door wraps.

Insurance Deductibles:

A lot of people try to get contractors to not charge them for the deductibles on their property. This is why Olde Town Roofing doesn’t do that…

First of all, offering free deductibles is insurance fraud. Insurance is a contract between the homeowner and the insurance company and in that contract it says the homeowner is responsible for the deductible, and then the insurance company will cover the rest of the loss. Insurance premiums are based on the value of the property, and the amount of loss the insured is willing to cover (the deductible). So even asking your contractor to waive a deductible is asking your contractor to break the contract they have with the insurance company.

Handling an insurance claim adds approximately 20 hours of additional labor hours to the claim. It also adds money to the collection process. While we ask for the ACV check up front on Insurance claims, the RCV money can take months to collect from the insurance company. During the summer months my company has had up to $290,000 just waiting to be paid out by insurance companies. That is money just waiting to be collected, money that has already been paid out to cover expenses.

Insurance claims cost my company on average about 12% more than doing the exact same roof without insurance.


While some contractors are willing to “waive” deductibles, this raises some questions.

  1. If the Contractor is willing to defraud an insurance company, Why would they not be willing to defraud their customers?
  2. What kind of quality is a roofing company delivering if they can readily deduct a thousand dollars off of the already low profit price the insurance company has submitted?
  3. Why would you want to gamble with quality with something as important as your roof?
  4. Why would you go with the lowest priced contractor in the first place. Guess what…The cheapest guys are the cheapest because they aren’t paying the same money as the other guys. They have to be cutting corners somewhere…where is that…quality of install, quality of products, knowledge of employees, cleanup detail, speed, service, warranty, their workman’s comp insurance, their general liability insurance?

Olde Town Roofing:

My company is based in Illinois and services Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri.

While we will work with our customers in some scenarios to ensure they get a high quality roof at the right price, we would never defraud an insurance company or our customers.

This is a question of integrity. We would never lower our standards or morals, ever!

We deliver a high quality product at the right price. Contractors that are willing to eat the deductible do so by using low quality materials and cutting corners. I suggest you ask yourself the following question before trying to circumvent the insurance process.

—Which would you rather have, $1000, or a high quality roof that will last the life of its warranty and a company that stands behind their work?

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